Excellence in Design and Drafting Home Designs

At Sovereign Homes, we are always researching exciting new trends and ideas from local sources and abroad to ensure the expertise we provide is cutting edge.

Our team uses innovative materials and technologies, together with tried and proven methods, to find the perfect solution for your construction or renovation requirements.

We use the latest computer-aided drafting packages to bring your ideas to life. Or, if you already have plans or concept drawings, allow us to help make your dreams become reality. Home building and design are a specialty of Sovereign Homes

A Home to Complement Your Lifestyle

Our design team will always take into account your current and future lifestyle requirements, together with the aspects of the site and your home that are important to you, ultimately adding value to your investment over the years.

We understand that families grow and lifestyles can change over the years. Rather than have to change homes as your lifestyle changes, we design homes and renovations that provide you with the room to adapt to new developments as your family grows and changes.

By establishing a relationship and learning about your lifestyle, we can provide a quality home that will serve you well for many years to come.

The Highest Quality Luxury Home Building

We always build to the highest quality allowed for your budget. This reliance on quality extends to our design and planning, as well our construction.

We provide you with a home that is up-to-date in using the newest and most economical building materials and techniques. By constantly aware of the news trends in building, we can add value to your home, while building a quality home that is sturdy and safe.

Sovereign Homes will ensure your new home or home renovation is built in compliance with all relevant Brisbane local and Queensland state government regulations.

We’ve established our reputation by building homes and performing renovations that are always well-designed and planned and constructed using the best techniques and materials for your budget and project.

Our skill in creating homes that elegantly satisfy the needs of our customer’s lifestyles while suiting the environmental surroundings is our biggest pleasure and the main reason we’re in the construction business.

Call Us Before Your Next Renovation Project

If you’re considering building a new home, or a renovation to your existing that will better serve your changing lifestyle, give us a call. We’ll be happy to schedule a no-obligation discussion that will give us some insight into your needs for your home.

We can then come suggestions and tips how we can design a home that will suit your growing family and lifestyle changes for years to come.

We’ll help you arrive at the home of your dreams, one that you’ll love just as much as the first home you ever bought, but one that will be adaptable to you and your family’s changing needs throughout the years to come.