Enhancing Your Lifestyle with a Renovation

Renovating, remodelling or extending your home can be a more affordable and practical solution than selling and trying to find or build a new home that will meet your needs.

Your home was absolutely perfect years ago when you first discovered and bought it. The aspects that you fell in love with at the time may still be of value to you, but you’ve outgrown the floor-space as your family has grown and your needs have changed.

We provide intelligent and well-thought out renovations for homes in the Brisbane area. Our renovations and extensions will blend seamlessly into the character and design of your existing home and furnish you all the added space and new features you need to fit the requirements of your updated lifestyle.

Many years ago, Sovereign Homes recognised the need to excel in home renovations and extensions to existing houses in Brisbane. We provide design and construction services for any sized home renovation and for all building styles.

From Heritage listed and traditional Queenslander homes to modern and contemporary styles. As a Brisbane builder, we are well versed in local building codes and can provide you with our expertise opinion.

Whether you are seeking to totally remake your home, add to its character, extend with a deck, remodel a room, or even add a level, Sovereign Homes will provide you with a solution that is not only affordable but economical and efficient. Solutions that provide you with not only the requirements you need, but add value to your home as well.

Design and Planning is Crucial when Renovating

Our team of designers and building planners can go to work designing an extension or complete renovation that will suit your needs and satisfy your requirements.

If you need to inhabit your home during the construction period, we have methods to ensure that you and your family won’t be terribly inconvenienced by the building process as well.

We understand that undertaking a renovation can be nerve-wracking and we have the experience and skills to make the entire process smooth and trouble-free.

The key is in the design and planning. By completing the renovation in stages, you can retain control of the process. You’ll be able to view the results and make alterations if you change your mind about some aspects of the job without affecting the entire project.

A Quality Renovation or Extension Adds Value

The care we take in the design and planning stages of your project is reflected in the quality of the final results of your renovation. We use only the finest building materials and construction methods that fit your budget.

The quality of our renovations add value to your home. If you ever want to put your home on the market, a well-planned renovation that corrects obvious deficiencies in a home before selling it can add value that far exceeds the costs of the renovation itself.

If you’re considering a renovation to extend the usability of your home or to correct deficiencies in your home before putting it on the market, give us a call to schedule a no-obligation discussion about your project.