Building Your Dream Home

Dreaming of your beautiful new home? Imagine every modern feature, perfectly complementing your lifestyle and respecting the practicalities of modern living.

Building a new home is a big step in a person or family’s life. It’s the chance to take all of your dreams and finally make them a reality. But you may only have one chance to get your dreams exactly right

Designing and planning your home should be done carefully and under the guidance of skilled and experienced designers and builders who understand what you are trying to accomplish. We have a design and planning team that has years of experience and training in their crafts.

We work closely with you in and keep you in the loop on every aspect of the development of your home. Only by creating a team that communicates effectively can your home truly represent all your dreams.

Sovereign Homes will make your dream a reality, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, a bungalow or a beach house, a charismatic Queenslander or a French provincial villa.

Keeping Up to Date with Construction Trends

Our design team is constantly researching new construction techniques and materials to stay current with the latest trends in home-building.

This helps to provide you with the highest quality home to fit your budget and to give you the benefit of new technologies and materials that will extend the life and value of your new home. The team is always finding new ways to stretch your home-building dollar.

We also look at new and different styles of homes and decide whether they’d suit a particular homeowner’s needs and suggest them if they do. We then adopt that style into the home we design for the customer to provide them with a unique and beautiful home that fulfils all their requirements.

Working with the Environment

Our design team and builders have worked across a broad range of residential projects throughout Brisbane. We offer specialised expertise in rural settings, steep sites, small allotments, maximising spectacular views, and enhancing properties with character importance.

Our building materials and styles suit the landscape of your plot of land. Whether your home is to be created from timber, stone, brick or metal, our homes are designed to work in harmony with the surroundings.

Every feature and special request will also be seamlessly blended into the design of the home to ensure your home is elegant and attractive to the eye.

We’ll Work on the Design with You

If you already have plans, or a preferred architect or draftsperson, Sovereign Homes are happy to work with them to build your dream home.

Simply contact us to arrange an obligation-free discussion.

Our design and building teams will take a look at your project and come up with some suggestions on how it can be improved. If you approve of our suggestions, we’ll work along with the team you’ve hired to further enhance the quality and value of your new home.

We can provide any service from design and planning through the contacting and building stages to the final inspection.